First hardware tests a success!

The first sybsystems of the CCI engine have run and performed excellently. For compactness, speed and geometric considerations, we designed our own desmodromic hydraulic valve system, including a barrel cam pump. This valve system was integrated into our intake and exhaust cylinder heads and are undergoing testing right now. Below is video of some early runs of the system. At the end of the video the valves are lit by a strobe to show the movement of the valves in slow motion. This allows us to see how well sychronized the valve motion is, and to measure linear motion. Flow testing will be completed over the next couple of weeks.


When I try to explain our engine to people I find myself making ridiculous hand gestures which typically confuse people more. Then I try to draw sketches on napkins and I think maybe they start to understand that at least this thing doesn’t look like a normal engine. I have actually found that the more someone knows about engines, the harder it is to explain the CCI to them! In order to make this easier, we have created a video that shows the CCI motion. The only thing in this video that is not really correct is the valve timing, so don’t read too much into that.