The time is near

With our valve system tests successful, we are proceeding with finishing up some final details and getting quotes for the fabrication of the rest of our prototype engine. Below is an image of what this test engine will look like. As you can see, the simplest and cheapest construction is being used, so that it pretty much just looks like an aluminum cube, but the running of this engine is so significant, that my heart starts to race as I think about it.

This is an engine architecture that is radically different from anything that has come before. To the best of my knowledge, it is the first piston engine to utilize the Brayton Cycle – inherently more efficient than the Otto or Diesel Cycles (used in cars, trucks and boats today) and a much better implementation than in gas turbine engines (jets) because we can achieve much higher pressure ratios. All of this is being done on a budget that most people would tell you is impossible, and on a timeline much compressed compared to traditional engine development efforts. This is not the optimized performance machine that we will eventually release to the market. Future versions will be lighter, more efficient, multi-module, turbo charged, and made with more advanced manufacturing techniques. But it is the most important step in proving the CCI engine’s viability to the world, and represents that largest reduction in risk that Motiv will see in its history.