4 thoughts on “Slowly but surely

  1. Based on over half a century I’ve worked with and modified engines and from seeing your image, I’d add a spring-loaded idler pulley to the slack side of those drive chains. Without them, you’re inviting resonance and resulting non-uniform power transfer. I’m eager to read some low Brake Specific Fuel Consumption test numbers. Good luck and I hope you can create the world’s lowest BSFC engine.

  2. Hi, I just thought up an engine with a similar 6 cylinder boxer layout, a couple of weeks ago. coincidence to see such a similar layout on youtube so soon. In my concept the two large pistons would be identical, and the middle would be smaller. The smaller would be acting as a compressor 2-stroking, the larger ones 4 stroking. 1) The middle piston (b) would compress and transfer, as the top large cylinder (a) sucked in the transfer from (b), and the bottom cylinder (c) was expanding after ignition; 2) the middle piston (a) sucks from the intake, the top cylinder (b) compresses, bottom cylinder (c) exhausts; 3) the middle piston b) compresses and transfers to the sucking bottom cylinder c), while top cylinder (a) ignites and then expands; 4) middle piston (b) sucks from intake, top cylinder (a) is exhausting, bottom cylinder (c) is compressing.

    Any idea if this is an atkinsons or brayton cycle, and if it already exists?

    [variation 1), the compressor might be designed to compress to 2:1 so leaving a partial vacuum in this cylinder as the larger sucking cylinder pulls at this air. This might have the advantage of smoothing out the fluid flow in the intake as the small piston will be sucking at tdc as soon as the intake valve is open. variation 2), the optional injection of steam – generated in an exhaust gas recuperator – into the expansion cylinder as a possible add-on]

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